About us

Situated in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Coach Leo has been in boxing since 2011. At Leoboxing we provided a one on one private training classes, online circuit training program, and athletic wear for your boxing experience.

Allow me to illustrate the transformative impact on your overall well-being when you become a part of Leoboxing.

Experience the holistic advantages of joining Leoboxing, beginning with the mind. Our approach centers on fundamental breathing techniques, fostering a profound mind-body synergy during training. This translates into heightened self-awareness, cultivating authentic humility, unwavering confidence, and a myriad of further benefits that unfold throughout your journey with us.


leoboxing circuit training program

This powerful circuit is specifically designed to increase power. In just 12 short weeks, we’ve seen our client’s double their strength. The program is set for 35 mins workouts, 3 times a week for the first month and every other week for the second and third month.

It’s going to get hard, tough and painful but you already know what you’re in for – I promise, it will be worth the effort. Let’s get to work!


"Elevate your boxing skills and inner strength with Leoboxing's exclusive one-on-one private classes – a personalized journey towards complete fitness and unshakable confidence. Email for a free trial class"

Our Mission

At Leoboxing we pay attention to details that other don't. And that what make us different. Join the team for a life changing experience

Fighting Futures

I proudly stand next ambitious students who are training diligently to become future boxing champions. Together, we embrace the discipline, skill, and determination required to excel in the ring and strive for greatness with every punch thrown